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Concrete is the most widely used building material on our planet. The only thing mankind uses more of is water. With a wave of urban development coming in the next few decades, concrete is also a rapidly growing trillion-dollar market. However, cement and concrete production is responsible for 8% of the global CO2 emissions, making its growth a big cause for concern.

Low-carbon concrete exists - but until now it has been too sophisticated to be produced reliably and on a large scale. It contains very little burnt limestone - responsible for the strength of concrete and CO2 emissions. This makes low-carbon concrete vulnerable to fluctuations in raw materials and operating conditions and thus difficult to produce with reliable quality. Adding to the challenge: the final quality of concrete can only be measured weeks AFTER it has been processed on the construction site - far too late to be corrected. This is why our world is still built on more robust, high-carbon concrete.

Using alcemy's software, cement and concrete producers receive precise quality predictions already during production. Based on these prediction models, our AI identifies which production parameters need to be adjusted to mitigate the impact of fluctuations. Thus, the quality of cement and concrete can be optimized BEFORE delivery – for the first time in history.

The result is significantly more consistent product quality, allowing producers to safely replace burnt limestone with less expensive, low-carbon materials found in nature. In this way, they can also avoid payments for CO2 emission certificates in the EU.

Saving costs, bringing production processes up to speed for 21st century concrete recipes, and saving half of Europe’s CO2 emissions goes hand in hand at alcemy. Join us on our journey to make low-carbon concrete a reality!

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About Alcemy

Alcemy was founded almost 5 years ago to accelerate the decarbonization of concrete. As a technology company that cares about the climate, alcemy successfully uses artificial intelligence and IOT sensors to optimize the production and delivery of the world's most important building material. The resulting precision advantage provides alcemy's customers with an irresistible advantage: a CO2 reduction of up to 55% and significant savings through the use of cheaper and more sustainable ingredients that quickly exceed the necessary investment in alcemy. Today, alcemy counts 50% of German cement manufacturers among its customers, is in use in more than 30 plants, has received more than €14 million in funding from climate VCs, and is taking new regions by storm.

The chance

The first years of alcemy were marked by the development of our technology, together with our early-adopter SME customers. The company won its first 10 customers until the end of 2022 literally without a sales team. Today, a small, agile team of two is testing the ideal sales process for the company's two software products, laying the groundwork for scalability, and setting sail in international waters with customers going live in the US and Europe. We are now looking for an ambitious colleague to join us on our long journey to save 1 gigaton of CO2!

As a Business Development working student, you will play a key role in supporting our sales engine and ensuring that our processes run smoothly, our pipeline grows steadily and our pitch game is taken to a new level. Be prepared for a variety of tasks from different areas of the company and take responsibility from day 1. Our team is small and we value your initiative, energy and opinion! Let's shape the construction industry, learn a lot and last but not least - have fun! :-)


Your tasks

Support our outbound activities, including developing market entry strategies and identifying, qualifying and contacting potential customers
Optimize our CRM usage (Pipedrive) by creating automations, improving data quality, creating reports/forecasts, and setting up integrations.
Creation of visually appealing and compelling pitch decks as well as other high-quality sales materials
Preparation of strategic management decisions through in-depth topic and market analyses
Optimization of existing processes and documentation of new standards
Support the day-to-day sales process through briefings and summaries

Your profile

The fight against climate change motivates you
You enjoy developing structures and strategies and gaining insights from data
You have a talent for compelling storylines and visually appealing presentations
You value teamwork and open feedback very much
You have excellent verbal and written communication skills
You are very familiar with Google Workspace
You have already gained some work experience in the areas of business development, sales or consulting
You are studying in a Bachelor or Master with a very good grade point average and have already studied at least 4 semesters
You are business fluent in English, other languages are beneficial
You can continuously work 20 hours per week for us
You live in Berlin or are willing to travel to Berlin frequently
Advantageous, but not mandatory: You are already familiar with CRM tools such as Pipedrive, Hubspot or Salesforce

After the first month
You have

  • completed our onboarding and met all team members
  • received a detailed introduction to the various components of our product portfolio and immersed yourself in content ranging from cement to concrete, from machine learning to customer care
  • participated in many sales and customer meetings and learned about our current pipeline, CRM and process environment
  • conducted 1:1 conversations with each member from the Commercial team (Marketing, Sales, Success & Solutions) to understand the entire customer journey
  • Immersed yourself in our sales, pricing and product strategy and understand the levers of our business case

After three months
You have

  • identified some new leads for our pipeline and developed a suitable outbound strategy
  • supported our internationalization with market analyses
  • significantly improved the data quality of our CRM system, built new automations and developed initial proposals to optimize processes
  • Started to revise our most important pitch decks and sales documents visually and in terms of content

What we offer:

What we offer you

  • You work directly on one of the world's biggest levers for reducing CO2 emissions
  • Plenty of autonomy and freedom to put your ideas into practice, but also plenty of opportunity for coaching / sparring with our management and influential advisory board members like Martin Schneider from VDZ
  • Open feedback culture with regular 1:1 discussions and 360° meetings
  • A work laptop of your choice
  • 28 vacation days, one additional day every 2 years
  • A competitive salary

Working at alcemy

  • We value transparency and endorse direct and constructive feedback.
  • We are passionate about helping our customers and always treat them and each other in a supportive and appreciative manner.
  • We value different perspectives and backgrounds. For example, people with a background in geology, psychology, botany, neuroscience, politics, computer science or business administration, with and without a university degree, currently work at alcemy.
  • For this position we would like someone who typically works from Berlin, although hybrid working is standard at alcemy, i.e. we have an office in Berlin, but everyone is free to choose their work location. - - The only restriction is that Berlin has to be reachable within one day by train. To ensure interpersonal contact, we organize an on-site team week every 9 weeks. During these weeks we try to focus less on the daily work and more on evening activities, setting goals and strategies and developing together.

How to apply:

Application process
Our application process is largely digital. However, we will gladly invite you to our office in Berlin for the interviews :-) During the process we will communicate with you via email and phone.

  • 1:1 get-to-know video call (30 minutes) with one of our sales colleagues
  • An online assessment (60 minutes) to test your analytical and verbal skills
  • A skills interview (60 minutes) with the sales team
  • A team-fit interview (45 minutes) with two other alcemy colleagues

We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply. We also know how stressful interviews can be. Let us know if there's anything we can do to improve the process so you can best demonstrate your skills.